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Set Up Your Subscription Service with Braintree Follow

Subscriptions are one of the most popular ways to make money on your video content. Before beginning the setup of subscription plans, you must have a Braintree account setup.

To get started using subscriptions with Zype, navigate to Make Money from the side navigation menu.


Under Monetization, select Set Up My Subscription Service.


Then click "Let's Go!" to get started.

Step 1: Basic Information

Upload the subscription logo and add your email address.

Adding "Terms of Service" is optional.

Step 2: Payments

Add your Live Public Key, Live Private Key, and Merchant ID from Braintree. Use this link for instructions on finding your Braintree keys.



The "Credit Card Statement Message" will be the name you want subscribers to see on their credit card bill.

Step 3: Plans

Before creating a plan in Zype, you must create subscription plans within Braintree. Visit Braintree's documentation for more information.

After creating a subscription plan with Braintree, enter the Braintree Plan ID in the plans section



Click the blue sync button. Your Braintree plan details will automatically sync with Zype from there. 

Step 4: Activity Stream

In order for your subscription plans to pull into your Braintree account, you will need to enable your Activity Stream. To do so, follow Braintree's instructions on Webhooks.


Enter the Webhook URL found in Zype into your Braintree account. Once you've created the webhook, test the connection in Braintree by clicking "Check URL"

Step 5: Confirmation

Review your subscription and click Save Changes

When you return to the Make Money page, you’ll now see a breakdown of your subscriptions, consumers and plans. Click on any one of these to find out more about your subscription business through Zype.

Visit our Subscription Plans section in the Help Center for more information.

Step 6: Editing Braintree Settings

If you'd like to access your Braintree settings once they are configured, you can view by visiting Settings > Monetization tab. 










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