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The library is where you'll find your complete collection of video content. We’ll cover some of the key tools the library provides in this article.  To access your library, navigate to the Dashboard and click the Library tab from the left panel:


Within the view listing all of your video content, there are four data columns, displaying the title of the video,  duration, active status, and date created, respectively:


Video Shortcuts

We offer a few shortcut buttons from the library page. Each shortcut and their respective roles are explained below.

Video Preview: You can view each video directly from the Library



Edit Video: This shortcut directs you to the Edit Video page where you can edit video details, metadata, and access video embed codes



Video Analytics: Zype offers a suite of video-level analytics you can access from your library



Delete Video: A popup appears asking you if you want to delete the video.



Filtering Your Library

You can use Zype's extensive filtering tools to gain easily view a specific set of video content. Library filters are featured at the top of your Library page, above your video contents.


Click the Category dropdown at the top left corner to view a list of category filters. These options include any categories that have been created in the Categories tab.


You can also filter by video source. Click the Video Source button to filter content by the video import/upload source.


You can also filter by the monetization type applied to your videos Monetization button:


 You can also filter by the active or inactive state of the video by clicking the Active/Inactive button:


You can also filter by your videos' 'Created At' or 'Published At' date ranges if you know you've imported or set to publish videos within a certain date range in the Zype platform. Click the Dates button to use the date range filters.


Updating Your Library

You can update the metadata of multiple videos in your library at once by selecting individual video checkboxes or selecting a group of filtered videos. You can also select all the videos at once by clicking the Select All checkbox at the top of the results table. Once you've selected the videos you'd like to update, click on the Update dropdown to apply new settings.


Deleting Videos

You can delete multiple videos at once by selecting the checkboxes to the left of each video. Once you have videos selected, a Delete Videos button will appear in the right corner.


After selecting the videos you want to delete, a warning will appear confirming the choice. Be sure to confirm the number displayed on the warning page is the correct number of videos you want to delete.

Exporting Videos

One of the most powerful tools within Zype's library is the export tool. You can export a filtered or pre-selected list of videos by clicking the Export CSV button:


Here is a list of what data will be included in your library export (Your export will only include the data associated with the video on your Zype account):

  • _id
  • title
  • friendly_title
  • description
  • short_description
  • duration
  • featured
  • active
  • on_air
  • source_id
  • episode
  • season country
  • discovery_url
  • subscription_required
  • purchase_required
  • rental_required
  • pass_required mature_content
  • created_at
  • updated_at
  • published_at
  • hulu_id
  • crunchyroll_id
  • youtube_id
  • vimeo_id
  • filename
  • ad_timings
  • keywords
  • embed_code
  • paywall_embed_code


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