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Domains, Tracking Partners, and Tracking Codes Follow


Zype provides the ability to track your player impressions by domain. When a video makes a request to Zype, the referring domain address is recorded and sent back to Zype automatically. This is useful if you are embedding your videos on more than one site and want to determine where your content is performing best.

These domains can also be found in the Player Request logs:

1. Navigate to the gear icon on the top of the page

2. Click "Logs" 

3. Click "Player Request Log"

Here you'll find information on every player request made on videos. You'll see the domain the video played on under the "Referer" column. 

Tracking Partner and Tracking Codes

If you are embedding your videos on 3rd party sites and would like to track player impressions beyond just tracking the referring Domain, you can add Tracking Partner and Tracking Codes to your video Embed Codes. This is useful if you have specific campaigns or goals. For example, if your video is part of a social media promotion campaign, you may want to map the Tracking Partner to your ad agency, and the tracking code to a specific campaign or project.

The general format for usage is:[video_id].html?autoplay=true&api_key=[api_key]&tracking_code=[tracking_code]&tracking_partner=[tracking_partner]

Note that you must always add the tracking_partner. The tracking_code is optional. Zype does not provide a tracking code, you must supply your own.

Tracking Partner

Let’s say you are embedding your videos on a site iWidgets. To track impressions by that partner you add tracking_partner=iwidgets to your Embed Code URL:[video_id].html?autoplay=true&api_key=[api_key]&tracking_partner=iwidgets

Each individual tracking partner will be displayed in the analytics, ordered by the number of impressions made from each partner. This will help determine which partner your content is performing best on. 

Tracking Code

If you’d like to get more details you can add a Tracking Code. Tracking Codes are grouped by Tracking Partner. For example, if the iWidgets site is placing your videos on the home page and on the store page you could track how each of these individually performs, by adding tracking_code=home and tracking_code=store. For example:[video_id].html?autoplay=true&api_key=[api_key]&tracking_partner=iwidgets&tracking_code=home[video_id].html?autoplay=true&api_key=[api_key]&tracking_partner=iwidgets&tracking_code=store

Each individual tracking code will be displayed in the analytics, along with the tracking partner, ordered by the number of impressions made from each code. This will help determine which partner and page your content are performing best on. 

*Note that tracking_partner=iwidgets are also added to each of these URLs.

Modifying Your Embed Code

To find the embed code for your video go to the Zype Dashboard > Video Library and then click the Video you’d like to edit. Find and click the Embed Code tab on the top and you’ll see the video’s embed code section.


iFrame or JavaScript Embed Code

Copy the embed code then modify the src by adding the tracking_partner and tracking_code parameters. Note that you must always add the tracking_partner. The tracking_code is optional.[video_id].html?autoplay=true&api_key=[api_key]&tracking_code=[tracking_code]&tracking_partner=[tracking_partner]

Paywall Embed Code

If you have set up subscription, purchase, rental, or pass plans you can also add tracking_partner and tracking_code. First, grab your paywall embed code:


Copy the paywall embed code. You’ll have to add zype.tracking_partner=[tracking_partner]; zype.tracking_code=[tracking_code]; in the second script tag. Be sure to add it before the zype.VideoEmbed() function. For example:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><div id='zype_553297c169702d0885a4435b' style='width:100%; min-width:300px; max-width:560px;'></div><script>zype.siteId = 'F7DbcH2vVnvPtYRIY1Xq9z92Bypj90i2uEcudIqK8KhNl_y-xWQNIi2UfpfzZl3N'; zype.tracking_partner=[tracking_partner]; zype.tracking_code=[tracking_code]; zype.videoId = '553297c169702d0885a4435b';zype.videoEmbed('zype_553297c169702d0885a4435b');</script>


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