Impressions by Device Impressions by Device

Impressions by Device

Video player impressions are successful serves of a video player, whether served directly from Zype, from a third-party platform such as Hulu and YouTube, or your own custom-hosted OTT players.

To access the Video Impressions by Device report, click the link to the report on the Analytics Dashboard.


The Video Impressions by Device Report shows a line chart with the total player impressions by device for the specified date range. Hover your mouse on a point in the chart to display total player impressions for the corresponding date.


By default, the date range is the last 30 days counting down from the time the report is generated. To change the date range, specify a different start and end date, then click Refresh

You may customize the report any way you want. For example, to generate a report for the last 15 days, enter the date from 15 days ago as the start date, and the current date as the end date. 


To export the report in CSV format, click Export. You will then get an email containing a link to the exported .CSV file. Click the link to download the file.


At the top is a summary of the number of impressions from the day before, the last week, the last 30 days, and the last 90 days. Thus, you will know at a glance if your impressions are improving or declining over the given period.


At the bottom, a table showing the various devices and the number of impressions for each device is displayed, sorted from the device with the highest down to the lowest number of impressions.