Getting Started with Vewd Getting Started with Vewd

Getting Started with Vewd

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating Vewd applications using the Zype platform. In order to create Vewd applications, you must first have a Zype account and purchased the Vewd endpoint from Zype.


1. Importing Your Content:

The first step toward submitting your Vewd App is ingesting and organizing your content into Zype. 

There are two ways to ingest content into Zype. You can either import from a third party source (Youtube, Vimeo Pro), or upload files from your web browser into Zype. Only the following video sources are supported in Vewd applications:

Note: When importing from YouTube, you must select "Import Content and Metadata" in order for content to be supported on Vewd.

2. Review and Add Video Details:

Each video must have a proper video title and description in order for your app to be approved byVewd.

Note: Video descriptions will be visible in your app and shouldn't include URLs.

3. Organize Your Content Into Playlists:

Your content will be pulled into your Vewd app from playlists you create in Zype. In order for video content to appear properly in your Vewd app, you should organize your playlists into nested relationships using the manage playlist relationships feature. Here are directions for creating and organizing your playlists:

4. Uploading Playlist Thumbnails:

After you have created your playlists, you must upload playlist thumbnails that will display as images over each playlist in your Vewd app.

5. Prepare Image Assets for Vewd:

Use the Branding Your Vewd TV App article to see all required images assets. These image assets are required for submission and approval of your app to the Vewd app marketplace.

6. Create a Vewd Account:

You will need a Vewd account to submit and publish an app to Vewd. Click here to create an account.

7. Submit Your App to Vewd:

Please review the link below for step-by-step instructions on submitting your app. There will be a few items you'll need on-hand when submitting (i.e. app name, app description, image assets).