Submitting Your Vewd App Submitting Your Vewd App

Submitting Your Vewd App

This is a step-by-step guide for submitting your app to Vewd.

Note: Do not submit to the Vewd marketplace until your Zype configurations are complete. If you submit before completing your Zype setup, your app will be immediately rejected by their marketplace delaying the approval process.

Step 1: Create Your Vewd App Profile in Zype

Before logging into Vewd to begin the submission process, you will want to create your Vewd App Profile. To do so, navigate to the Manage Apps page in Zype, click "Create New App", and select the Vewd app button. 

Step 2: Login and Begin App Submission

Log in to the Vewd Submission Portal using your Vewd developer account login information. Hover over the Create and Submit App button and select Zype to start the app submission.


Step 3: Author

Fill out the required information on the "Author" page.

  • Company/Author Name: The name of the company
  • Company/Author Address: The address of the company
  • Company/Author Email: Desired email address to be reached at
  • Company/Author Page: Company website
  • Company/Author Phone: Desired phone number to be reached at

After filling out the required information, click Next Step at the bottom of the page.


Step 4: Basic Information

Fill out the basic information tab with the following information:

  • Category: Select your desired category
  • Application Type: If you are not monetizing your content, do not select any boxes. If you are monetizing your content with ads, please select both "Generates Revenue" and "Has Ads." There is more information on monetizing your content later on in this article.
  • Markets: Choose the unique markets your app is available in, or keep "Worldwide" selected
  • Video Formats Used: H.264 with HLS


Step 5: TV Snap

You will now enter your Root Playlist MRSS feed to the Vewd submission portal. If you need assistance organizing your content using our nested playlist relationship structure, reference our Managing Relationships article. 

Note: Your Vewd App will display the name of the "Root" playlist. Choose a title that you want your viewers to see.

First, you will need the playlist MRSS feed. To find it, go to Playlists in Zype, and click on a playlist to enter the Edit Playlist page. You will see the Vewd MRSS Feed URL at the bottom of the page. Copy and paste the URL into the Vewd submission portal.


Note: You are able to customize the Vewd MRSS feeds by adding parameters to the feed URL that is generated in the Zype platform. Here are some example parameters that can be added to the MRSS feed URL along with an explanation of what they do:

per_page= Determines the number of <items> returned per page. If unspecified the default is 10 video <items> per page. Any integer between 10 - 500
page= Determines which page of the MRSS feed is being viewed when results have been paginated. If unspecified the default page shown is page 1 Any integer between 1 - unlimited.



If you'd like to view a preview of the app using the feed you entered, you can click "Create application preview link" at the bottom of the page. If you want to continue with submission, scroll down and click Next. You will have the option to view a preview once you have submitted the app as well.

Step 6: Description

Set your default language, app title, and app description for the Vewd App Store.


Step 7: Graphics

Upload your image assets to the submission portal. If the image is accepted, you will see a green checkbox next to the image. Refer to our article, Vewd Images for an image asset checklist.


Step 8: Info For Moderators

If you'd like to test the app before it is published, make sure to specify that in the detailed description for the app moderator.

If you are ready for the app to be published at the time of submission, we recommend adding a note for the moderator clarifying your app was built using Zype.


Step 9: Terms and Conditions 

The last step is accepting Vewd's terms and conditions. Once you select the boxes, click Save, the Submit. 


Preview Your App

After completing the submission process, Vewd will generate a preview of your app that is viewable on your web browser. Navigate to the My Apps page, and click the button to the most right of the app to find the app preview link.



Signing a Vewd Contract (Conditional)

If you have not signed a Vewd contract prior to submitting the app, you will be prompted to do so after the submission. This does not delay the reviewal of your app, but it is necessary in order to have a live app in the Vewd store.

You will see the submission status "Requires Account Upgrade." Please contact Vewd to proceed with a Vewd contract.

A member of the Vewd team will reach out to get started with the Vewd contract.

Note: After reviewing and submitting the app to go live, you will be contacted to review the app one final time. You will have approximately 30 days to comment on the app, then it will be set live by Vewd