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Most Requested Videos

The Most Requested Videos Report ranks your video content by the total number of plays and impressions. To access it, click the link to the report on the Analytics Dashboard.


By default, your videos are ranked from top to bottom, with the total number of hours they were watched by your consumers also shown for each video.


Click a video's title to display more detailed analytics, including the total number of video player impressions broken down by country, device, player, and revenue model, and the total number of plays, average play, and hours watched of the video.


By default, the date range is the last 30 days counting down from the time the report is generated. To change the date range, specify a different start and end date, then click Refresh.

You may customize the report any way you want. For example, to generate a report of your most requested videos for the last 15 days, enter the date from 15 days ago as the start date, and the current date as the end date.


To export the report in CSV format, click Export. You will then get an email containing a link to the exported .CSV file. Click the link to download the file.


To sort the report by the number of plays, number of impressions, and time watched, click the corresponding column titles. For example, to sort the videos by the number of plays instead of the default number of impressions, click the Plays column.


The number of pages on the report depends on the number of videos you have in your Library. To go to the next page, or to a certain page, click either the right-facing arrow or the page number in the series at the bottom. To go back to a previous page, click either the left-facing arrow or a page number.