Engagement Analytics Overview Engagement Analytics Overview

Engagement Analytics Overview

Deciding where, when, and how you publish your content is important in order to get the most out of your video content. Zype's analytics suite enables you to analyze data, and make decisions based on valuable insights.

Through Zype's engagement analytics, you can easily track engagement and identify your most popular content. Analyzing your most popular content can assist in making decisions on where to place content on devices. Do you post your most popular content to your Roku app in a "Most Viewed Playlist"? Do you push your least engaging content to a more accessible page on your site? While the decision is ultimately up to you, Zype can help by providing valuable data.

In this section, you'll find information on Zype's engagement reports, accessed in the Engagement tab at the top of your Analytics page.


Note: Engagement data is only directly accessible via our API and reports for 90 days in the past. Please reach out to support@zype.com if you require data outside of the 90 day period.