Embed an Audio-Only Stream Embed an Audio-Only Stream

Embed an Audio-Only Stream

You can render an audio-only stream on the Zype Player with the click up a button. This is particularly useful if you'd like to share a video as audio-only and embed on your site. In this case, the Zype Player will show the designated custom thumbnail on the player as the audio runs. 

Step 1 - Ensure your video includes an HLS audio file

Zype transcodes your content into an HLS audio rendition by default, but you should still open your video details page and sure that your transcode was completed properly and your HLS Audio rendition is available. For live events that have been archived, this will show as Live to AOD - Audio HLS.

Visit your Library and select your video title to open the video details page. To the right, you'll be able to see your Video Stream Sources which include all available transcoded renditions.


If there was an error in transcoding and your rendition did not complete, you can initiate a re-transcode by visiting the Logs page for transcodes and selecting the arrows icon to the right of your video to process the transcode again. You can check out our Transcode Log article for more details.



Step 2 - Set your Audio-only setting to ON in Embed & Publish

Visit the Embed & Publish tab of the video details view and make sure the audio-only toggle is ON before you copy your embed code. You can view more information on your embed options here