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Transcode Log Follow

You can use the Transcode log available on your Dashboard to monitor the status of the video transcoding jobs. 

To view the Transcode log, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Zype Admin Dashboard, click the Tools menu at the top, then Logs.

  2. On the Logs page, click Transcode Log from the table.

  3. On the Transcode Log page, your video transcoding jobs are displayed on a table. By default, the videos being transcoded are displayed from the newest to the oldest to be transcoded. 

    The information available on the Transcode log is listed in the table below.

    Column Description
    Video The title of the transcoded video
    Status The video's transcoded status (Unstarted, Started, In Progress, Complete, Error)
    Status Detail The details of the video's transcoding
    Started At The start date and time of the video's transcoding
    Completed At The date and time the transcoding was completed
  4. To search for a specific transcoding job, enter the video title, or a part of it, on the box, then click Search. You may also select the appropriate status from the list to narrow down your search.


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