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Upload Log

You can use the Upload log available on your Dashboard to monitor the status of videos that have been uploaded to your Library.

To view the Upload log, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Zype Admin Dashboard, click the Tools menu at the top, then Logs.

  2. On the Logs page, click Upload Log from the table.

  3. On the Upload Log page, your uploaded video files are listed on a table. By default, the videos are listed according to date and time (from the newest to the oldest uploaded file).

  4. To search for a specific video, enter the video's title, or a part of it, on the box, then click Search. You may also select the appropriate status from the list to narrow down your search.

The information available on the Upload log are listed in the table below.

Column Description
File The file name of the uploaded video
Size The file size of the uploaded video
Content Type The content type of the uploaded video, e.g. mp4 and wmv
Progress The progress in terms of percentage completion of the upload
Status The status of the video upload (Created, Error, Cancelled, Completed)
Last Updated The date and time the video's upload record was updated

Note: If an upload gets stuck on status Created or shows Error, this means that the video was not properly uploaded and needs to be uploaded again in order to add it to the library. If you have recurrent problems with uploading videos, please reach out to support@zype.com.

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