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Transcode Log

You can use the Transcode log available on your Dashboard to monitor the status of the video transcoding jobs. 

To view the Transcode log, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Encoding > VOD Encoding Logs from the left navigation menu. 


  2. On the Transcode Log page, your video transcoding jobs are displayed on a table. By default, the videos being transcoded are displayed from the newest to the oldest to be transcoded. 


    The information available on the Transcode log is listed in the table below.

    Column Description
    Video The title of the transcoded video
    Status The video's transcoded status (Created, Transcoding, Partially Complete, Complete, Error)
    Status Detail The details of the video's transcoding
    Started At The start date and time of the video's transcoding
    Completed At The date and time the transcoding was completed
    Duration Total duration of the process
    Preset Count Total of presets
  3. To search for a specific transcoding job, enter the video title, or a part of it, on the box, then click Search. You may also select the appropriate status from the list to narrow down your search.Screen_Shot_2020-08-18_at_21.48.21.png

Re-Process a Transcode

Sometimes a transcode can fail due to different reasons, for example an error with the video file or a little timeout. The log of that failed transcode will show you the legend Error on the Status column of the table.

If happen to find an error on the logs, you will find a Process Transcode button in the last column of the logs table:


You need to click on that button, and the transcode process will be re-triggered.

If the log still shows an Error after you re-process it, please verify that the file was correctly uploaded into the platform, or contact our Support Team at

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