Creating a Web App Creating a Web App

Creating a Web App

Creating a web app in your account will enable you to utilize the Zype API's to integrate with your website. To start creating a web app that for your account, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Integrations Marketplace.

  2. On the My Integrations page, click Add Integrations.


  3. On the Integrations Marketplace page, click Web App.


  4. On the Create a Web App Profile page, click Create Web App Profile.


  5. Zype  then creates your web app profile. This allow you to authenticate to the Zype platform and track your player requests from within the web app. Zype also generates your OAuth ID to be used for authenticating your consumers, getting the videos from the platform, and displaying them on your web app.


    Click the Manage your App button to view examples of how to use the Zype API to connect with your web app.


    Click the View Credentials link to view or copy the OAuth credentials for authenticating to the Zype platform.