(Optional) Disabling ad playback on the web player (Optional) Disabling ad playback on the web player

(Optional) Disabling ad playback on the web player

You can optionally disable ad playback on Zype's web player when configuring the player embed. This is useful for situations where you may want to set up a global rule to play ads on your web player for all videos, but selectively play or disable ads depending on where a video is embedded on your website.

For example, you may decide to have a single video displayed on a page within a premium membership section of your website where ads should not be played. In this instance, you can apply the "Disable Ad Timings" parameter within the embed code in order to prevent ads from playing back. This same video can also be embedded in a free to watch or free preview section of the same website where ad playback is enforced. In this instance, you would leave the "Disable Ad Timings" toggle OFF so that ads are requested and played back as normal.

Note, this does not affect ad playback settings on any other devices where ad playback is configured.

How to configure a video player web embed for disabling ad playback?

Step 1. Ensure you have an ad tag configured in Zype that is properly targeting web devices.

Read more about creating and configuring ad tags in our ad tag setup guide.

Step 2. Ensure the videos you are trying to embed have ad timings configured.

Read more about setting up and managing ad timings on videos here.

Step 3. Turn ON the "Disable Ad Timings" flag for the video player embed that you want to disable ad playback on.

  • The "Disable Ad Timings" flag can be found in the "Embed & Publish" section for any video in your library.
  • The "Disable Ad Timings" flag is only available for non-paywall videos. To view the disable ads flag, turn off the "Paywall" flag.


  • Scroll to the middle of the page to find the "Disable Ad Timings" flag. Toggle it ON in order to disable ad timings for this specific embed code.
    • Keep in mind, toggling this ON will not affect any existing embeds you have already integrated onto your website. This will only affect new embeds you integrate using this updated embed code.
    • You'll also notice in the embed code snippet a new parameter is added that says "&da=true" -- this is the parameter that enforces the disabling of ads.
    • You can manually add the "&da=true" parameter to your embed code snippets via API.