If you are interested in increasing your ad revenue, you may consider adding in ad pods as part of your advertising cadence.

Ad pods are a way to specify multiple ad elements that are sequenced together and played back to back within a single ad break. Ad pods are configured from VAST 3.0 compliant ad networks, but there are a few more requirements you should review before configuring your tags.


  • A valid, current Zype account with access to advertising
  • A VAST 3.0 tag enabled with sequencing
  • An ad pod supported endpoint on which to view your ads

Configuring and Testing Ad Pods

Like any ad tag, you'll configure an ad pod tag in the Zype platform through the Make Money > Ad Tags page. You can view more details in the Configuring an Ad Tag in Zype section of our Ad Tags Overview article. 

Ad tag macros will differ with each ad server. For more information on ad tag macros, you can check out our How to Use Ad Tag Macros article. Make sure to work with your ad partner to ensure you are properly configuring the tag to fill with the required macros.

Once you have your ad tag configured, an easy way to confirm your ad tag contains an ad pod is to drop your tag into a Chrome or Firefox browser and view the response. If the response includes a "sequence" greater than 1, this indicates that your ad call is responding with multiple ads in a sequence.

Example shown on Chrome Browser (V. 68.0.3440.84):


Example shown on Firefox Browser (V. 61.0.2):


We recommend you test your tag on all endpoints (Web, Apple TV, Android mobile, etc) before rolling it out. Many times an ad network will provide a test tag for you to implement before providing a production tag. This helps confirm the ad call is successfully sent to the ad server. 

Remember, ad calls (requests for ads) are sent during each ad timing. Make sure you have ad timings configured for your videos before you begin testing. For more details on how to view and edit ad timings, check out our Ad Timings article.

Ad Pod Support Matrix

Ad pods are supported across most major endpoints, when using a valid VAST 3.0 tag. However, you should also consider if you'd like pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad pods. Please view our support matrix below to best plan your ad experience.

Endpoint Pre-roll Mid-roll Post-roll

Web - Chrome

Version 68.0.3440.84


Web - Firefox

Version 61.0.2


Web - Safari

Version 11.1.2


Apple TV

Roku Y Y N
Amazon Fire TV N N N
iOS mobile (native) Y Y N
Android mobile (native) Y Y N