If you are using our Paywall Embed for Subscription, Purchase, or Rental, it is highly recommended that you use your own SMTP service for email delivery.

Using your own SMTP service will allow for more reliable email sending for emails such as purchase/subscription confirmations, password reset emails, and other emails that our Paywall Embed will send on your behalf.

You can use any mail sending service as long as it supports SMTP. If you’d like a recommendation, we suggest Mailgun.

Please note that the domain name you setup on your mail service should match the domain name of the site you are hosting your Paywall Embeds on.

Once you have signed up for a mail service, you’ll need the following SMTP information:

  • SMTP Address
  • SMTP Port
  • SMTP User Name
  • SMTP Password

To set these items on Zype go to Settings and click the SMTP tab. Enter the settings, then click Save Changes.