Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Support in the Zype Web Player Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Support in the Zype Web Player

Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Support in the Zype Web Player


Zype’s player is configured with adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology, meaning it will render the optimal bitrate based on the viewer’s network stability. Zype’s Glossary defines that bitrate “represents the amount of information, or detail, that is stored per unit of time of a recording” or in other words, the number of bits per second transmitted along a digital network.

Internet speed, connectivity, and bandwidth can all impact the ability to transmit these bits, or stream content, and the Zype player dynamically adjusts this transmission according to the viewer’s environment.

Key features and capabilities of the Zype Web Player

  • Ability to select ABR strategy
  • Ability for viewer to see current bitrate and select bitrate options on player

Minimum requirements

  • Using Zype’s Web Player with preferred ABR strategy set
  • Player Rules set up
  • VOD presets configured (you may need to reach out to Zype to assist)

Selecting an ABR Strategy

In addition to the dynamic performance benefits of ABR technology, you also have the ability to select an ABR strategy for the Zype web player in the platform. You can adjust ABR strategy by visiting the Settings icon on your toolbar and navigating to Player Settings as seen in the below image:





You’ll notice the following strategies available in the dropdown menu:

  • 'bandwidth' : This is the default strategy that will be employed if no other strategy is set. The player will optimize ABR behavior to focus on  displaying the most optimal quality based on historic bandwidth data and knowledge of the network conditions. When no historic data is available, the player will use the performance strategy.
  • 'performance' : The player will optimize ABR behavior to focus on the performance of the player. This strategy initiates playback with the lowest quality suitable for the device which means faster start-up time.
  • 'quality' : The player will optimize ABR behavior to focus on displaying the best visual quality to the end-user. This strategy initiates playback with the highest bit rate suitable for the device.

Special note: The ABR strategy for your player should not to be confused with Zype’s Dynamic Player Technology and other customizations available on the player. Bitrate refers to the actual rate of bits of video metadata transmitted, whereas DPT refers to requesting and delivery players based on player rules.

Setting the Bitrate within the Player

Your viewers will also have the option to select their desired bitrate within the player. For example, if a 1080mbps bitrate is displayed per your ABR strategy, a viewer can opt for a lower bitrate once the player renders by selecting the gear icon on the player.