There are 3 main components in a player rule: the player, the device, and the location. If a player rule is not set up for the player, device, or geography that your end user is coming from, the viewer will not be able to watch the video. 

To see if you have the appropriate player rules set up, go to the player rules page and check the player rules that you have set up and active. Inactive player rules are grayed out.


If the player rule you want is inactive, click on the player rule. Then, toggle "active" to on. 


If you do not see the appropriate player rule based on player, device, and location, click on the “New Player Rule” button in the top right. 



Step 1

Add your player rule "name" and set "active" to on. 

The name should indicate what the rule is for example, "Zype Player (SVOD) Rule."


Step 2

Set the "Availability," this will be where the player rule is applicable. If there are no location restrictions you can use "Global."


Step 3

Check off the device/devices this player rule should apply to. For example if the viewer is watching on Roku, check off Roku. 


Step 4 

Selecting a player will vary based on the player(s) in your library and the monetization you're using. 


Player rules can be tricky. Please reach out to Zype by hitting the "Support" box in the bottom right corner in the Zype Platform if you have any questions!