To add a logo that will appear on Zype player please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Navigate to your settings page by clicking the "gear" button in the top right. 


Then click the “Player Branding” tab.


Step 2

Click the "Upload" button to add your player logo.

There are a few recommendations that Zype has regarding the image you upload as the player logo or bug.

  • The image will be scaled to a maximum of 48px by 48px so keep your logo small and not too ‘busy’.
  • The image should not be opaque, so that it doesn’t block the video content behind it. Zype recommends an opacity of 50%.

Click the save changes button when complete to test out your new player logo.


Step 3

If you’ve already uploaded a video to Zype, you can preview it from the video library to see your player logo in action.