After you've added your ad tag to your account (see Ad Tags Overview for more details), you will want to set up your desired ad timings. Ads are displayed based on the ad timings that are set on a per video basis in Zype.

Each video has a pre-roll ad timing configured by default upon import/upload, meaning that ads are set to appear before the video plays. You are not required to keep pre-roll timings and may delete them at any time.

You may choose to add in mid-roll timings, which will interrupt your video to play an ad. These are particularly useful if your content already has ad breaks built-in.

Lastly, you can configure post-roll timings for 1 second after your content ends, which will call an ad at the end of video playback.

NOTE: If the ad tag you set on a video contains a VMAP scheduling template, the video will ignore video ad timings. VMAP is only supported on Zype’s web player.

To View Ad Timings

To view the Ad Timings page, follow the steps below.

1. On the Zype dashboard, click Library.

2. In the Library, select the video to be set with an ad timing, then click the Edit button to the right.


3. On the Edit Video page, under the Video Sources section on the right, click the Ad Timings link.

On the Ad Timings page, you may add a new add timing, delete an existing one, or replace an existing ad timing with a new one.


To Add a New Ad Timing

To add a new ad timing, follow the steps below.

1. On the Ad Timings page, click the ADD Ad Timing button.


2. A row will be added to the list of ad timings on the page.

3. To add another ad timing, repeat Steps 1-2. Otherwise, click Save Changes.

To Delete an Ad Timing

To delete a new ad timing, on the Ad Timings page, delete the Delete button to the right of the ad timing to be deleted.


Note - If you delete all add timings from a video, there will be no ads that run for that specific video.