Creating a Zobject Creating a Zobject

Creating a Zobject

 A Zobject is additional metadata that you can create and associate with your videos. Examples of Zobjects are actors, directors, or artists.

Since Zobjects can be whatever metadata you want, you first need to create a Zobject type to define your Zobject data structure. 

Step 1

In the top right corner click the gear icon . From the menu select "Zobject types."

Step 2

Click "new Zobject type."

Step 3

Add the "title" which will be the name of the Zobject. 

Then click "new attribute." The attribute will be what metadata the Zobject will include. 

Step 4

You'll need to add the "name" and "type" for each attribute. For example, an actor Zobject will need a field for first name, which is a string.

You can use any familiar data structure when creating a Zobject type. You can access Zobject types using the settings toolbar at the top of your dashboard.

Click "save changes."


Step 5

Once the Zobject has been created you'll now see it on the Zype menu. 

Now you can add the metadata you would like to track by clicking the "add new" button on the top right. In this example, you'll add channels.

Step 6

When you click the "add new" button you'll see the fields you added as "attributes."

You can add the title, which could be the channels' full name, then the first and last name in the respective fields. 

If you want, you can add descriptions and keywords for your actor. Make sure the Zobject is Active by selecting "On" (if it isn't already selected).

Once you're done making changes please click "Save Details" at the bottom of the page.

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