Creating Channels Creating Channels

Creating Channels

 If your Roku or Amazon Fire app has a nested design you'll use the Channels Zobject in your account to manage your top level categories. 

Through Channels you're able to decide which playlists and categories are tied together to create a top level category.

Step 1

To add a Channel start by going to the "Channels" section on the Zype menu. Then click "Add New Channels".


Step 2 

On the "Details" tab add the title, category id, playlist id, and the priority. The title will be visible on the app homepage. The channel will default to be "active".

Note: you can find the playlist or category ID on the details tab of a playlist or category.


Step 3

Use the "Images" tab to add the image you would like to appear on the app homepage. We suggest using an image that has a 16x9 aspect ratio unless you're using poster size thumbnails.



Congratulations, you've now created a channel!


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