The "Integrations" page shows the list of integrations that have been configured for the current Brand:



How to Use

The following integration types are currently offered:

  • Zype
  • OAuth
  • Auth0
  • Cleeng
  • Toolbox Cloud Pass

To add a new integration, tap the "+" button:

Integrations - Add.png

Zype Streaming Platform Integration

The Zype CMS is integrated by default with the Apps Creator platform, and no additional integration is required for this functionality. The Zype integration listed here allows for use of the Zype CRM as the customer's subscriber database, and access to certain advanced security features such as DRM:

Integrations - Add - 3.png

For more information about API keys, visit here.


A generic OAuth integration provides the ability to integrate any system which supports the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework. This is an advanced integration that requires engineering support. To use this integration, contact your account manager.

Integrations - OAuth.png


Building on the OAuth integration, customers can also authenticate using the Auth0 platform. This integration provides a simpler setup process than the generic OAuth integration. Auth0 is a developer-friendly platform that can be used directly for authentication or for customers to build bridges to other subscriber databases.

Integrations - Auth0.png


Apps can authenticate Consumers using Cleeng subscriber management platform via this integration:

Integrations - Add - Cleeng5.png

See the Cleeng integration documentation for more information.

Toolbox Cloud Pass

Apps can authenticate Consumers using Toolbox Cloud Pass TV Everywhere platform via this integration:

Integrations - Add - Toolbox Cloud Pass.png

See the Toolbox Cloud Pass integration documentation for more information.


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