How to Setup Auth0 Integration in Apps Creator How to Setup Auth0 Integration in Apps Creator

How to Setup Auth0 Integration in Apps Creator

Auth0 is an authentication and authorization service for your applications which uses Oauth2.0 protocol. To begin with the Auth0 integration in Apps Creator, you will need an account with Auth0. Learn more about Auth0 here.

Before, we can setup the integration in Apps Creator, we will set up an application in Auth0 dashboard.

Setup an Application in Auth0 Dashboard

Step 1: Login into your Auth0 account here.

Step 2: Make sure you are in the Production environment in Auth0. Lear more about different environment in Auth0 here.

Auth0 2.png

Step 3: Navigate to Applications >> Applications under the left menu.

Auth0 3.png

Step 4: You can create a new application on this page or use the default app. For this article we will use the Default App. Click on the three dots next to the Default app and select "settings" from the menu.


Step 5: On the settings page you will find, the Client ID, Client Secret and Domain for your Auth0 application. Grab these values and save them. We will enter these values in the Apps Creator Auth0 integration form in the later steps.


Step 6: Scroll down on the Auth0 App's settings page, to the Advance tab. Open the Advance tab and navigate to the "Grant Type" option. Select all the grant types as shown in the image below and save the form.


Step 7: Now navigate to the Application >> API section from the left menu. Grab the API Audience URL from this page. We will use it in the Apps Creator Auth0 Integration form in the later steps.


Add Auth0 integration in Apps creator

Step 1: Login to your Apps Creator Dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to Manage >> Integrations.


Step 3: Click on the + icon and select the Auth0 Integration.


Step 4: You will be shown the Auth0 Integration form, fill in the Client ID, Client Secret, Domain and Audience URL with the values you grabbed from the Auth0 dashboard. For scope, you this value: openid profile email

Apps Creator will automatically populate all the requred API fields using the parameteres you entered.

Step 5: Select the Authorization Grant you want to use with your App. You can select between Code Grant and Password Grant. Please note that by default Code grant is selected. Important Note: Code grant is not supported on the Roku Platform.

Step 6: If you are choosing Authorization code grant, you will need to add the call back URL to your Auth0 dashbaord. Follow the steps below to add the call back URL. If you are using Password grant, you can skip this step.

Step 6A: Copy the callback URL from the integration form.


Step 6B: Open you Auth0 account and navigate to Application you created in Step 4. Under the Application settings, scroll down to Application URIs.


6B 2.png

Step 6C: Add the copied call back URL to the Allowed Callback URLs text box and save the form.

Step 7: Save the integration form. Congratulations! you have successfully integrated the Auth0 platform with your Apps Creator Apps. Don't forget to turn on the Auth0 integration by toggling it on in the integrations menu.


For further assistance, please reach out to our Apps Creator Support Team at



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