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The Samsung page (under Manage > Platforms) shows the configuration options for Samsung Smart TVs:

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How to Use

The configuration options available on this page can be somewhat technical in nature and are explained in more detail below and during account onboarding. Questions about individual fields can be directed to your onboarding specialist or at

General Information

This tab includes general information about your Samsung app. During app submission, we will use this info to fill in all the details on the Samsung TV seller portal.

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App Title: The App Title is used only in the Samsung store. It has to be 50 characters or less. 

Description: This is a description of your app that will be displayed in the app store. Keep your catchiest content in the first few lines to make sure it is visible to all visitors.

Category: Choose the Smart TV application category for your application, between Videos, Games, Sports, Lifestyle, Information, and Education. You can select one of 6 service categories.

Rating: Choose the age rating of the content. In some countries, an additional rating certificate may be necessary.

Tags: These are used as search terms for your apps, on the App Store.

Seller Information: Enter the seller information such as the seller name, customer support email address, home page URL, representative name, phone number, and mailing address. According to Korean and European laws, you need to register seller information to service your application.


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Please provide all Image assets as per the required specifications. These assets are mandatory for final submissions.

Payment Gateway

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If you have enabled the subscriptions or locked the feed items by In-App purchases in your app, then you need to select the payment gateway provider from the dropdown.

After selecting, you need to make sure the integration is set up.

Samsung Apps TV Sellers Developer Access

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It is mandatory to provide us login access to your Samsung Apps TV Sellers developer account. We use this access to create, submit and maintain your Samsung apps on your behalf. Learn more about creating a Samsung Apps TV Sellers Developer account, here.


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Google Analytics Tracking ID: Please refer to this article to get a UA ID for your app from Google Analytics. (you may use an existing UA ID)

App Bundle ID: This is a unique identifier for your app on the Samsung Apps TV Sellers portal. If you already have an old app on App Store and want us to submit an app update over that with a new Zype app, please add the Bundle Identifier from your old app. Your old app's developer can help you find this bundle identifier.
If it's a new app, leave it blank, and we will take care of it.


Congratulation! You have successfully configured your Samsung app. If all the above steps are completed, the build can now be created for your Samsung app.
Write to us at to request a submission. Please note, that generating builds may take 5-7 business days after we receive the request.

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