The Roku page (under Manage > Platforms) shows the configuration options for Roku connected TV devices and Smart TVs that have licensed the Roku operating system:

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How to Use

The configuration options available on this page can be somewhat technical in nature, and are explained in more detail below and during account onboarding. Questions about individual fields can be directed to your onboarding specialist or at

General Information

This tab includes the general information about your Roku app. We will use this info to fill in all the details on Roku Developer Portal, during app submission.

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App store name: This is the name of your app, that is displayed on the App Store. It has to be 31 characters or less.

Categories: Categories allow users to find your app without searching for the app name or keywords.

Description: Use this text to let the user know about your app even before they download it. This will be displayed on your App Store listing.


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Please provide all Image assets as per the required specifications. These assets are mandatory for final submissions.

Developer Access

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It is mandatory to provide us login access to your Roku developer account. Also, add us as a user on your Roku developer account. Please follow these instructions to do so.


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App Store ID: You can skip filling in this as we will procure this, for you.

Roku Google Analytics Tracking ID: Please refer to this article to get a UA ID for your app from Google Analytics. (you may use an existing UA ID)


Congratulations! You have successfully configured your Roku app. If all the above steps are completed, we are ready to create builds for your Roku app. Write to us at to request test builds. Please note, generating test builds may take 5-7 business days after we receive the request.

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