Apps can contain a special "Menu" section type:

Menu Section.png

Menu Sections List Page

  1. Navigate to the "Sections" page by clicking on Sections in the left-hand-navigation menu
  2. Click into the row of the "More" section

Create a Menu Section

These objects can be created from the "+" button:

Menu - FAB.png

Menus can contain one of the following types of objects:

  • Link
  • Item
  • Section

See the Link and Section documentation for more information about these object types.

Menu Items

The "Item" object allows for the creation of several distinct objects:

Menu - Item.png


In-app settings can be configured using the "Setting" item type. Common settings such as the app's location, language, notifications, and autoplay can be configured using this type.


In-app actions such as prompting app users for authentication, restoring purchases, and getting help can be configured using this type.


Visual separations within the menu can be created using this type.


Application information can be displayed within the menu, using a set of replaceable tokens. Supported tokens include:

  • App Version
  • App Name
  • Language Name
  • Language Code
  • Location Name
  • Location Code
  • Terms of Service URL
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Authentication Header
  • Authentication Prompt
  • Authentication Service Name


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