The "Seasons" page shows a list of all series that have been created within a Series:


Creating a Season

  1. First navigate to the Series page. It can be found under the Catalog option in the left-hand-navigation menu
  2. Click into a series where the "Kind" is "Series". For more information on creating a Series, visit this article.
  3. Now, click into the black plus button on the right side of the page
    mceclip0 (5).png
  4. Select "Season", fill out the desired metadata fields, then hit save when completed
  5. Next, select Manual or Playlist
    mceclip0 (6).png
  6. If manual is selected, you will add and remove content objects individually.
  7. If playlist is selected, seasons are created by "cataloging" an entire Playlist. When you catalog a playlist as a season, all of the media objects within the playlist are automatically cataloged as an Episode.


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