The Playlists page presents a list of all playlists from the CMS. Playlists are a type of Collection that contains content objects of type Media, or one of its more specialized sub-types such as Series or Movie:


Creating a Playlist

In order to add a playlist, hover over the plus sign located a the top right of the page:

mceclip0 (3).png

You'll notice that three types of playlists can be created: Manual, Search, and Feeds. Please note however that this method of creating playlists is being deprecated soon. 


The system currently supports the addition of "feeds" directly within the UI, in MRSS (Media RSS) and Podcast RSS formats:

Playlist - Add.png

Media RSS

"Media" RSS is an industry-standard format for exchanging media metadata. You can find information about the structure of MRSS feeds here. Many CMS systems can produce MRSS feeds, which allows the platform to work with many non-Zype platforms.

Podcast RSS

The platform supports RSS feeds with the XML namespace extensions from both Apple and Google. For more information about working with podcast feeds, see the Podcasts article.

Manual Playlists

The system currently supports the addition of "manual" playlists directly within the UI. Manual playlists contain media objects that have been added to the playlist manually.

Search Playlists

The system currently supports the addition of "search" playlists directly within the UI. Search playlists are automatically updated to contain media objects whose metadata contains the keywords specified in the search:

Playlist - Search - Edit.png

The contents of Search Playlists are updated hourly, and are generated by searching the following metadata fields:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Categories

In addition, the "Kind" field is searchable -- for example, if you search for "Movie" all movies will be returned.

Playlist Origin Nuances

  • Playlists that come from the CMS are shared across Brands
  • Playlists that come from feeds and are added directly to a Brand are not shared across Brands

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