The "Library" page shows the content objects that are available within the current Brand:


Populating the Library

  • All objects stored within the Zype CMS for the site that is associated with the current workspace are shown in this list.
  • Content objects can be added via feeds
  • Content objects cannot be deleted from this list,
  • Content objects can be added and deleted via the CMS
  • Each content object consists of a base metadata record, which contains the metadata provided by the CMS for each content object. Within Apps Creator, additional metadata translations can be added via the "Metadata" dialog:


This dialog is accessible by tapping the "Edit" action (pencil icon) on the row for a given content object.

See the Metadata documentation for more information.

Cataloging Content

Basic media objects can be "cataloged" as more specific content types, such as Movies, Episodes, and Extras. To catalog a media object, tap the "Catalog As ..." action (link icon).

mceclip2 (2).png

Notice that the value under the "Kind" column changes from "Media" to the option you selected (e.g. Movie, Event, or Episode). See the Content Catalog documentation for more information.

Content that has previously been cataloged can be "de-cataloged" (returned to being a "plain" media object) via the "De-Catalog" action (break link icon).

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