Offline Viewing Offline Viewing

Offline Viewing

You can configure the content for your consumers to be able to watch it offline. To do this, you will need to follow these steps:

Activate the Download section



After the section is active, you will need to enable the download option for the videos. This can be done on a video-per-video basis or by bulk applying it to your entire library.

On a video-per-video basis


Navigate to the Access tab and click on the settings:



You can also add a new Access rule, ensuring it doesn't conflict with any existing ones:


Bulk update

You can opt for a bulk update instead. To achieve this, make sure to go to Settings -> Workspace Settings, and enable Offline Viewing:


Note: This operation might take few minutes to complete. It does not affect the default value of offline viewing for all newly created items. To again enable download viewing for these items, turn it off and on again.

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