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Manage Account

Managing Notifications from Zype

Managing Users and User Roles

Create a New User

Delete an Existing User


Manage Account

You can update your User Account details after it is created. To access your user account details click your username on the top right, then select Manage Account.


On the Manage Account page, your account details are displayed. From here, you can update the following:

  • Name details
  • User login email address
  • Time Zone
  • Password
  • Notifications: This notification setting enables/disable video transcode notifications. If set to On, the user will receive an email notification each time a video is transcoded in the account.


You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Google profiles by clicking the appropriate button on the top right. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to connect these networks to your Zype account.

NOTE: When connecting a social media account, please be sure to read through the authorization notes to accept the authorization.

Managing Notifications from Zype

You can update your notification settings in Zype to enable notifications for either VOD transcodes or Live encoders. This is useful for keeping track of content that's being managed in your Zype account.

  • Transcoder Notifications - Turn this ON to get alerts when transcodes complete or fail for new VOD videos are uploaded to your Zype account. Notifications will only be sent to each individual account where these notifications are enabled.
    • NOTE: Zype will send this notification if the video that is being transcoded has a lower aspect ratio than the VOD presets selected. If the video only supports 720, but 1080 is a selected rendition, a notice will be triggered for the failed 1080. Even though 1080 failed, the video will complete successfully. 
  • Live Encoder Notifications - Turn this ON to receive alerts when your live encoder is left ON but no incoming source stream is detected. We'll send a notification after detecting no incoming stream at 30 minutes and 180 minutes. Notifications will only be sent to each individual account where these notifications are enabled.


Managing Users and User Roles

Zype allows you to create new users and give them access to your account. There are three user roles that you can assign your users: 

  • Admins
    • Can access all features on the dashboard, including managing content, monetization, and account settings
    • Can add users
    • Can assign user roles
  • Content Managers
    • Can edit and manage video content such as Videos, Playlists, Categories, Imports, and Uploads, and associated metadata
    • Cannot view Make Money or Analytics
    • Cannot add other users
    • Cannot edit site configuration settings
  • Finance Manager
    • Can view Make Money and Analytics
    • Cannot edit content such as Videos, Playlists, Categories, Imports, Uploads, etc.
    • Cannot add other users
    • Cannot edit site configuration settings

By default, you, as the Zype account owner, are given administrator privileges to your account.

Create a New User

1. On the Zype Admin Dashboard, click the Tools menu at the top, then Manage Users.

2. On the Manage Users page, click the Add User button on the top right.3. On the New User page, enter the new user's email address, then select the user role from the list.

4. Click Save Changes. Zype will then send an email asking the new user to confirm the sign-up process. 

To Search for a User

On the Manage Users page, enter part of or the entire user's first name, last name, and email address, or enter the user role, on the Search bar, then click the Search button. The user or users that meet your search parameters are then listed on the table below.

To Edit an Existing User's Role

1. On the Manage Users page, click the Edit button to the right of the existing user to be edited.

2. On the Edit User page, select a new user role for the existing user.

3. Click Save Changes.

Delete an Existing User

1. On the Manage Users page, click the Delete button to the right of the existing user to be edited.

2. On the confirmation message, click OK to delete the user. 


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