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Introduction to Playout 2.0

The future of television is digital linear; data shows that audiences spend significantly longer watching digital linear than video on-demand, and watch it far more often. As you continue to grow your video business, Zype Playout 2.0 is the solution that gives you the tools you need to build and monetize linear TV.

Playout 2.0 FAQs
This page is where you can find commonly asked questions about the Playo...
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Error Messages
Below you'll find a catalog of possible error messages you may encounter...
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Glossary of Playout 2.0 Terms
Below you'll find our glossary of terms used in the Playout 2.0 product...
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Welcome to Playout 2.0
The Future of Television is Digital Linear Data shows that audiences spe...
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Closed Caption Support
English closed captions are currently supported for all Playout 2.0 des...
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Additional Monthly Costs Messaging
Summary While adding a new Playout Channel, Live Input, or Playout Chann...
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IP & User Agent Restriction
Summary Through this feature you are able to block users by restricting ...
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Playout Asset Preparation Billing
  Summary In order to utilize videos in your library for playout, they n...
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