Welcome to Playout 2.0 Welcome to Playout 2.0

Welcome to Playout 2.0

The Future of Television is Digital Linear

Data shows that audiences spend significantly longer watching digital linear than video on-demand, and watch it far more often. Households continue to stream digital linear video at a much higher rate cable and satellite, and monetizing your video content through advertising and subscription is here to stay. 

As you continue to grow your video business, Zype Playout 2.0 is the solution that gives you the tools you need to build and monetize linear TV. The Playout 2.0 scheduler tool provides simple, drag-and-drop programming of on-demand videos, allowing you to schedule them into linear streams for distribution across broadcast and digital platforms.



Take a look at our punchlist of advanced tools included in Playout 2.0 that help make operating your linear channels quick and intuitive:

  • Program Blocks - Group content together to create reusable programming blocks
  • Smart Programming - Define playlists in the Zype CMS to automatically pull in content
  • Priority Override (Priority Smart Insertion) - Override base track programming by adding content to the priority track for special events and stunts
  • Looping - Simplify programming by looping track items
  • Asset Filtering and Sorting - Filter asset library by type or duration and sort by title or duration for easy programming 
  • Dynamic Bumpers and Fallback Slates - Leverage bumpers and automatically fall back to a custom slate if there is a programming gap
  • Ad Break Indictors - Insert ad breaks directly into the Timeline
  • Change History Log - Track all programming changes and "undo" as desired
  • Channel Rundown Export - Export the full linear list of your channel's programmed content including timecodes 
  • Drag and Drop Programming - Intuitively schedule linear channels with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface
  • In-Timeline Asset Trimming - Trim track items in the Timeline for to-the-second programming
  • One-Click Sync - Instantly sync any new content added to the Zype CMS to Playout 2.0 for immediate programming

Access our entire library of Playout 2.0 documentation for detailed articles on all our product features and how you can best use them to your benefit.


How Playout 2.0 Works

Playout 2.0 is simple: you'll start by importing videos into your Zype library to ensure you have a library of video on-demand content to pull from when programming your channel. Next, you'll enter the Playout 2.0 tool to create and configure your channel and program content into the Timeline. Lastly, you'll confirm you've connected your ad server, and select your desired endpoints for distribution. 

  1. Import your video library - Import or ingest content into your Zype library through direct uploads, MRSS feeds, APIs, and more
  2. Create and configure your Playout 2.0 channel and program content - Create a new Playout 2.0 channel to configure your channel settings and program content available in the Zype CMS
  3. Connect your Ad Server - Configure your Ad Server settings to easily monetize with ad breaks
  4. Select Distribution Endpoints - Publish your channel on all major mobile, OTT, web, and vMVPDs

You can learn more on these steps by visiting our Introduction to All Channels section and our Introduction to the Timeline section. 


How Playout 2.0 Can Help Grow Your Business

Playout 2.0 is intended for broadcasters, digital publishers, and consumer brands, helping you build, manage, and monetize your linear TV channels.

You can leverage Playout 2.0 to program a continuous 24/7 linear channel composed of individually programmed video assets or looped program blocks.

Once your channel is ready for publishing, you can choose from many distribution options to best meet your audience needs:

  • vMVPD (multi-channel television) - Partner with digital TV platforms to distribute linear channels
  • TV and Mobile Apps - Publish linear channels to your owned & operated connected TV and mobile apps
  • Website Embeds - Distribute always-on linear content directly on your website

Visit Launching and Accessing Zype's Playout 2.0 Scheduler Tool to get started today!