Uploading A New Source File For A Video In My Library Uploading A New Source File For A Video In My Library

Uploading A New Source File For A Video In My Library

Leon Hurtado Leon Hurtado

If you make updates to video files you've already uploaded to Zype, you have the ability to upload the new file and merge it to the existing video object in your Zype library. The benefit of doing this is that the video will retain all associated metadata and curation configurations.

After merging a new upload to an existing video the previous sources will be replaced, as the new one will be prioritized and used for streaming.

Follow the steps below to merge a new upload into an existing video in your library:

1. Upload the new file without adding it to the library



2. On the Admin Dashboard, click the Tools menu Screen_Shot_2021-02-05_at_3.05.34_PM.png at the top, then Video Uploads 


3. Find the upload you want to add to the existing video and click on the 'Merge' button. 



4. On the Merge with Existing Video module, search for the video in your library that you are merging this upload into. Click the Link button to merge the upload and add the new source to the video.


5. You can review your new source in the video's settings, the newest source will be the one available for consumers. You can check the creation date if you decide to delete one of the sources from the video by clicking on the trash can icon. Screen_Shot_2020-04-16_at_12.40.37.png

Note: It is not required that you delete previous sources from a video.