Managing Video Uploads Managing Video Uploads

Managing Video Uploads

You can manage your video uploads depending on what you need. To manage your video uploads, follow the steps below.


1. On the Zype Admin Dashboard, click the Tools menu at the top, then Video Uploads.


2. On the Video Uploads page, you can see a list of the videos you added to your Zype account. The table displays information about each video, including the file name, content type, file size, bitrate, duration (in seconds), progress, status, and the date the video was uploaded.


The controls on the right will enable different actions based on your file upload options. If the video has been added to the library, a configuration wheel will be displayed. Clicking on the wheel will take you to your video settings.


If you upload the video with the "Add Video" option off, it will display a set of three icons.


1. The + icon will create a new video object in your library. This is the same as enabling the Add Video option during upload.

2. The icon allows you to merge the source into an existing video in your library. To merge your upload into an existing video, click on the link icon.



To merge this source into a video, a new window will open for you to search for the desired video. You can search by keywords, video title, or video ID, although using the video ID is recommended for an exact match. Once you've found the video, simply click on the link icon to automatically merge the source into your video.


3. Clicking the trash can icon will delete the uploaded file from your site.