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Setting up Subscriptions in the WordPress Plugin Follow


Make sure you've Unlocked Your WordPress App in Zype and completed Installing and Configuring the WordPress Plugin before proceeding. Once you’ve initialized configuration, if you plan to offer subscription monetization, follow the below steps to set up payment and test the subscription flow.

Step 1 - Select subscription plans available for purchase on your WordPress site

  • If offering subscriptions, make sure you’ve also selected which subscription plans are available for purchase by visiting the “Monetization” menu
  • Only plans you’ve selected here will appear as options for purchase



Step 2 - View subscription flow for your viewers

  • All video content that you've chosen to monetize with subscription will appear with a paywall on your page. For more on how to add videos and playlists to your WordPress site, please read next steps HERE


  • To unlock the paywall, viewers will Sign In to an existing account or Sign Up for a new account
    • If a viewer selects the Sign In flow with an account entitled to subscription content, the content will be unlocked for viewing



    • If a viewer selects the Sign Up flow, the selected subscription plans available for purchase will appear once you navigate through the Sign Up flow





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