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Adding Videos and Playlists to Your WordPress Site Follow

After you’ve completed initial setup and configuration, you’re now ready to begin adding videos and playlists to your WordPress site.

Step 1 - To add individual videos to pages or posts on your WordPress site

Use this workflow if you’d like to add individual videos to any page or post on your WordPress website. Videos will be embedded inline with other content via shortcode and will be sized responsively to your page. Videos will always display with a video player, and metadata including title, duration, and description. To configure which metadata appears with your videos using shortcode integration, please consult your developer as they will need to update the code for the WordPress plugin.

  • Start by visiting the “Video search” page in your WordPress admin > Zype plugin menu
  • All active videos in your Zype library will appear on this page
  • You can search by video title in the search bar, or scroll through the list to find a video
  • Once you’ve found a video you’d like to add to a page or post, copy the “Shortcode” in the shortcode column


  • Add this video shortcode to any page or post on your WordPress site by pasting it in via the WordPress CMS


  • After adding the shortcode, if you click to “Preview” the page you should now see the video embedded on the page including the video player along with title, description, and duration metadata


Step 2 - To add playlists to pages or posts on your WordPress site

Use this workflow if you’d like to easily add playlists of videos or even your entire video library to any page or post on your WordPress site. Playlists will be added inline with other content when added via shortcode in the WordPress CMS and will be sized responsively to your page.

Users will be able to navigate through all active content included in the embedded playlists, including child playlists nested within the embedded playlists. Accordingly, in order to return all playlist content available in the Zype Dashboard, simply use the parent playlist (in many cases the root or "primary" playlist) shortcode. You can find further information on primary playlist setup HERE.

If users navigate to a video page from an embedded playlist, they will be able to play the video as normal.

  • You can add playlists (including nested playlists) to your WordPress site using shortcodes. This process is similar to adding individual videos to pages or posts.
  • Visit the “Playlist search” page in your Zype plugin navigation menu and copy the shortcode for any playlist you’d like to embed on a page or post.


  • Take the copied shortcode and add it to any page or post on your WordPress site.


  • You can use the “Preview” button to view how your Playlists will render on the page or post.


Please note, you can always use individual video and playlist embed codes available through the Zype dashboard to display videos and playlists on your site without using the Zype plugin.You can access more information on how to do that HERE. Should you choose this approach, keep in mind that the interface will be dependent on where you embed each code on your webpage and will not automatically mimic the platform setup as shown above. 



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