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Categories are also known as tags or labels you create and assign to videos and playlists. Categories are used in two ways: internal organization and automated workflows. They are especially valuable to those customers ingesting content via MRSS or YouTube

Categories are made up of a title and a value. An example of a category title would be "Genre" and the value, or values, could be "Horror", "Comedy", "Fiction", etc. A category title can have one, or as many values as you'd like. For more information on how to create, edit, and delete categories in the Zype platform, click HERE.

Why would I use categories for internal organization?

You may want to apply changes to videos within a certain category value, or simply view all content tagged with a certain category value. Because category values act as tags, you can filter by category value to easily apply bulk changes. 

Why would I use categories for automated playlist curation?

As you begin to ingest your content for distribution, you may want to create playlists to organize your videos. Before organizing your videos into playlists, you'll need to create one first. 

If you plan to add videos automatically to playlists, you'll need to create a category-based playlist. When you are creating your playlist, you'll see the option to select a manually managed playlist or a dynamic/automatic playlist. When you select the dynamic playlist, you will have the option to select which categories will belong to that playlist. 

Selecting a category-based playlist will automatically add any videos that are imported with the same category values. This will automate your workflow, saving you time. 

Using Categories for MRSS import

*Zype recommends creating categories prior to ingesting content via our MRSS import option. This will ensure that videos are assigned a specific category are organized properly.

As you are planning to ingest your MRSS feed, you'll need to create categories in said feed. Doing so will guarantee that each video is assigned the correct category and organized as such. Visit our MRSS Import article to read more about importing content with feeds.

Using Categories for Youtube 

As you import via your YouTube channel, Zype will automatically detect and create categories based on the tags you have already created. Visit our YouTube import article to learn more. 





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