Categories vs Playlists Categories vs Playlists

Categories vs Playlists

As you make your way through the Zype Platform, you might have some questions about the differences between a playlist and a category. 


What are playlists and how do I use them?

A playlist is a collection of videos that you assemble under a single title.

Common playlist titles might include: Recently Released, Most Popular, Movies.

You can use playlists to curate your content in lots of different ways, so be sure to check out our Playlists section for details.

Why would I use playlists?

Playlists help organize your content in the most appealing and digestible way for your viewers. In creating playlists and curating your content into such playlists, you should think about the most logical way to group your videos so that viewers will be able to best navigate your content.


What are categories and how do I use them?

Categories are a way for you to label a collection of videos. Category values act as tags that you can add to videos. Category values can also be assigned during playlist creation, to determine which videos will appear in a category-based playlist. 

Common categories for video content might include: Genre, Type, Season.

Common category values for a Genre category might include: Horror, Comedy, Drama.

Why would I use categories?

Categories are useful for quickly adding content to playlists and for sorting through library content. They are particularly helpful for customers who regularly add large amounts of content to the platform. For instance, if you import content using an MRSS feed, you can use categories to automatically include your content in playlists based on the category it belongs to.

Playlists and Categories

You can use both playlists and categories in tandem. The feature that grants you this ability is called Dynamic Playlist, and you can find more about how to create it and manage it, in the article linked here


In the Library view, you can select individual or groups of videos and apply a category value to these. 

You can select the sync icon within the Playlist Management dashboard to ensure the sync happens immediately. 






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