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If you're already creating your own codes, you can utilize our Upload Codes tool to upload a CSV file containing the codes. The codes as well as ID of the content you would like the code to allow access to should be included in the uploaded CSV. You have the option to provide an expiration date as well. To create a properly formatted CSV, read our Redemption Codes CSV Format article and proceed with following the steps below:

1. To generate Redemption Codes, head to Monetization Settings and navigate to the bottom of the page where you'll find the Redemption Codes option. 

2. From the Redemption Codes page, click Add New Codes on the upper right.

3. You will then select Upload Codes to upload your own CSV file containing the codes and content assignments. 


4. Once you're on the Upload Redemption Codes page, click Choose File, then select the CSV file from your computer. To complete the upload, make sure to click the blue Upload button.


Once uploaded, your codes will appear on the Redemption Codes page.

Interested in integrating Redemption Codes into your website? Follow Zype's open Redemption Code API documentation for an easy integration to your website.


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