Profile ID API Endpoint Profile ID API Endpoint

Profile ID API Endpoint

If your apps are configured to use GA4, they will send Profile_Id identifier with each event to Google Analytics. This profile ID is created by Apps Creator and is linked to the user in Zype CRM and any External User Database that you are using with Apps Creator.

You can use our Profile ID API endpoint to fetch user info using the profile Ids you see in Google Analytics.


Profile ID

You can find the Profile IDs in GA Dashboard. Learn more here.

Workspace API Key

You can find you API key from your Apps Creator Dashboard.

Navigate to App Creator Dashboard >> Settings >> Workspace Settings to find your API Key.

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API Endpoint

Endpoint URL:{PROFILE ID}?api_key={API KEY}

Request Type: GET

Headers: Content-Type: application/json | Accept: application/json

Sample CURL request:

curl --request GET \
--url '{PROFILE ID}?api_key={API KEY}' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'


Successful Response

Status Code: 200

Sample Data:

"identifier": "875487",
"name": "Home",
"app_user": {
"identifier": "487515",
"email": "",
"member_id": "998548",
"consumer": {
"identifier": "525903",
"member_id": "65991cb61843a800178c8506",
"parental_access_code": null,
"parental_access_rating": null

appuser:member_id -> Unique ID of the user in your External Database.

appuser:consumer:member_id -> Unique ID of the user in Zype CRM.

Profile Not Found

Status Code: 404


"error": "Profile not found"