Register your Android Apps on Firebase Register your Android Apps on Firebase

Register your Android Apps on Firebase

Step 1: Open your Firebase Project.

Step 2: Click on the Android icon to add an Android app to your project.


Step 3: Enter your Android App's Package Name. This can be found under the Android Platform Setup form in the Apps Creator Dashboard.



Step 4: Add a nickname for your app. It is recommended to your your App name here. Skip adding the SHA1 Fingerprint. Now click on the Register app.

Step 5: In the next step, Download the Google-Services.json file and keep it safe, you will need to add this file to the Apps Creator Dashboard later.


Step 6: Skip the next step by clicking on "Next".
Step 7: In the last step, click on "Continue to Console" to go back to the Firebase Project.


Step 8: Click on the Cog Wheel icon, on your Project Dashboard page and open your Project Settings.


Step 9: Navigate to the Cloud Messaging tab in Project Settings.


You need to grab the Cloud Messaging API key from this page. However, you may find that the Cloud Messaging API (Legacy) is disabled for your account by default. You can enable it by Clicking on the three dots in the right corner and then clicking on "Manage API in Google Cloud Console". This will take you to the Google Cloud Console Dashboard, where you can enable this API.

projectsettings (1).png


Once enabled you will find the API Key under the Cloud Messaging tab.


Copy this Server API Key, we will need it in the next step.

Step 10: Login to your Apps Creator Dashboard and navigate to Design >> Platforms >> Google. Scroll down to the Developer Access Settings section. Here, paste your Server API Key in the Firebase API Key text box (make sure there are no additional spaces at the front or end of the key). Now, open the Google-Services.json file and copy and paste the content in the Firebase JSON text box. Please remove the existing {} Curley braces from the text box before pasting the json content.


Congratulations! You have successfully configured your Android apps on Firebase.