Zype Web Player Feature Overview Zype Web Player Feature Overview

Zype Web Player Feature Overview

Feature Description
ABR support

The web player supports Adaptive Bitrate streaming support (ABR) which helps optimize the streaming experience for viewers based on their current bandwidth. If a viewer's bandwidth changes during video playback, the stream will automatically adjust according to their current bandwidth capacity.

Learn more about ABR support >

Ad support

Zype's web player supports a wide range of ad monetization support, including the option to disable ads on specific web embeds.

Learn more about ad monetization >

Age Gate

If you have mature video content, you can use the Age Gate feature to require viewers to authenticate their age before viewing a video.

Chromecast Support

Zype's web player has built-in support for Chromecast streaming for viewers who have compatible Chromecast endpoints.

Consumer login limits

You can limit the amount of active or "concurrent" logins available for a single consumer to prevent consumers from sharing login credentials on premium content.

Learn more about consumer login limits > 

Continue Watching 

Zype's web player supports "Continue Watching" which is an optional feature under the Settings menu within the Player Settings tab. Enabling this will add a layered countdown timer on top of the web player and allow it to automatically progress to the next video to continuously play content. 

Controlling geographic distribution

Zype's player can be configured to match your geographic content licensing rules.

Learn more about setting up player rules >

Custom player branding

Zype's web player can be customized to match your business branding with a custom player logo.

Learn more about custom player branding >

Custom player messaging

You can also customize the text that's displayed to your viewers during certain playback scenarios such as when video content or device restrictions are in place, or if your videos become unavailable due to being made inactive.

Learn more about custom player messaging >

Embeddable widgets

Zype's embeddables can make it easy to integrate account management, device linking, and other key consumer and video management functionality on your website.

Flash fallback 

We provides a flash fallback player that ensures a strong playback experience for viewers on older browsers or situations where a flash player is the best option for video playback.

Google Analytics integration

If you use Google Analytics for your website analytics tracking, you can also set up an integration with Zype's web player to track playback events as part of your Google Analytics reporting. In order to use Google Analytics integration you must integrate with Zype's javascript player embeds.

HTML5 player 

Zype's HTML5 web player provides a fast, high quality video playback experience for viewers across desktop and mobile web.

Live Slate

For customers that broadcast live events, you can set a custom Live "Off Air" Slate for when your video embed is made active, but your broadcast has not yet started.

Learn more about the Live "Off Air" Slate >

Social sharing

You can also enable social sharing in your web player to make it easier for viewers to share videos on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or via direct links.

Learn more about social sharing >

Subscription & transaction paywall support

Zype's web player supports subscription and transaction paywall flows as part of our embeddables service.

Learn more about paywall support >

Subtitle support

Our web player supports WebVTT subtitle playback, allowing viewers to select from any number of subtitle tracks uploaded for a given video in your Zype library.

Switch between video and audio-only

Zype's web player supports switching between viewing a video and listening to an audio-only stream for optimal user experience.

Learn more about web embed options >

Track Partner Attribution with Tracking Codes

You can use partner codes within our web embeds to track attribution on purchases that are made through embedded subscription.

Learn more about partner codes >

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