Getting Started With Monetization Getting Started With Monetization

Getting Started With Monetization

Zype's paywalls offer a quick and easy solution towards making money from your video content. You have the ability to build your desired monetization structure and have it posted as a paywall over your content within minutes.

Step 1 - Set up your payment processor

Monetizing your content on Zype is a simple and effective way to grow your business. To get started, we offer a direct integration with Stripe, Braintree and Recurly. If you work with other merchant processors, you will need to work directly with a developer to set up an API integration.

Step 2 - Select your choice of monetization

Once you have a merchant account set up through Stripe, Braintree or Recurly, you'll set up your monetization structure by clicking on the individual Video CRM pages found in the left navigation panel in the Zype dashboard.

Zype offers support for the following monetization types:

NOTE: Customers have seen positive results from setting up subscription-based monetization.

Step 3 - Set monetization on your content

The final step is to activate monetization on all videos you'd like to have a paywall. You'll do this through the Library, found in the left navigation panel in Zype admin, and you'll open the video details page. Zype also offers free audio-only access to content that requires payment to view.