Publishing your Channel Publishing your Channel

Publishing your Channel

You can revisit the Timeline view at any time to make changes to your channel by selecting Edit Timeline, but once you are ready to publish, select the Publish button in the top right of the Rundown view.


Note: If you do not have any destinations enabled, you will not be able to publish your channel yet. See also Channel Destinations.

Once your channel is published, you will be able to visit the Published Rundown, showing the full programming rundown for your channel. You can visit a published rundown for actively broadcasting channels, or for channels ready to begin broadcasting. This is a view-only page, allowing you a look into the live broadcast of your channel in the preview player.

You will notice a clock icon next to the title of content that is currently broadcasting, as well as a yellow highlight.


You'll have the option to export your Published Rundown as a CSV or export to XMLTV by selecting the Export button in the top right. See also Exporting Channel Rundown.


Remember, published channels can be edited by visiting the “Edit Timeline” option for that channel. See also Change History and Versioning and Preview & Publishing.


If you are distributing to a previously enabled destination, return to the All Channels view to access your destination URL. This can be accessed by selecting your enabled destination on the channel card to open the destination details. Your destination URL will appear below your destination name a few moments after publishing your channel and is available for you to copy and share with partners. 


If you're interested in distributing to owned & operated endpoints, copy the destination URL and import into the Zype CMS as "self-hosted" content, following the guidelines on Importing Self-Hosted Content. Be sure to toggle the On Air field to ON.


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