Previewing your Channel Previewing your Channel

Previewing your Channel

When your channel is in a draft state you can preview the draft rundown by selecting the View Rundown button on the top right of the Timeline view. Note: You will not be able to access the Draft Rundown if you do not have any content programmed yet. See also Viewing Rundown.

This will direct you to a linear view of the items programmed in your Playout Channel, showing an estimated start and end broadcast time for each item based on the Playout Channel's scheduled broadcast time. In this view, any playlists or program blocks have been expanded to show you the entire list of content set for broadcast, item by item.

The draft rundown includes changes made in the Timeline but not yet published to your channel. This is a view-only page, allowing you to see the preview player for individually selected items.  

Remember, at this stage your channel is still just a draft; it must be published in order for the rundown to be a fixed program rundown, ready for broadcasting. See also Publishing your Channel.

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