Exporting Channel Rundown Exporting Channel Rundown

Exporting Channel Rundown

You'll have the option to export your Published Rundown as a CSV or export to XMLTV by selecting the Export button in the top right.


CSV exports will provide a downloadable CSV of your published rundown with all available metadata.


Selecting the XMLTV option will bring you to a formatted XML feed of your published rundown, allowing you to send your channel rundown to your publishing and distribution partners for metadata sharing (typically for viewer engagement functionality like EPG, Electronic Programming Guide).



Adding parameters to your feed


  • If you would like to see your programming starting at a specific time, you can add the "start param" to the end of your XML feed URL. The start param is shown below:

For example, if I would like to see your XML feed with videos starting on April 10, 2021 at 10:00 AM, you can enter the following:


This will show videos starting from the specified timestamp and into the future for the next 24 hours.

Note: Unix timestamps must be in milliseconds.


  • If you would like to see dates and times on ISO 8601 format, you can add the "date_format param" to the end of your XML feed URL. The date_format param is shown below:

For example:



  • There are also cases in which a destination might require a specific date format. For this, we also support:

With yyyyMMddHHmmss being required for Local Now, for example.


  • Additionally, you have the option to add the time zone:


Remember, published channels can be edited by visiting the “Edit Timeline” option for that channel. See also Change History and Versioning and Preview & Publishing.



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