Refreshing Programmed Assets (Items) Refreshing Programmed Assets (Items)

Refreshing Programmed Assets (Items)

When you add an asset to the Timeline and it becomes a programmed “item,” you are making a copy of that asset specific to the Channel and Timeline you are editing. Any changes made to the original asset in the Zype Library will not be reflected in the programmed item, your timeline, or your channel going forward.


For example, once you have programmed a playlist into your timeline, this playlist item is now a copy of your original, source playlist. If you re-curate your original playlist in the Zype CMS, the version of your playlist programmed into your Timeline is now different. 

If you’d like to update the Timeline version, you should first refresh your assets within the Scheduler Tool, see Refreshing Assets. After your assets are refreshed, you can delete the Timeline playlist item, see Removing Items from the Timeline and replace it with the updated playlist item.

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