Navigating the Asset Panel Navigating the Asset Panel

Navigating the Asset Panel

Assets are video content or video content groupings that are stored in the Zype Library, accessible via the Asset Panel the Playout 2.0 Scheduler Tool for programming into the Timeline. If you do not yet have content available in your Zype Library, see our Video Import & Upload section.



The Asset Panel shows the full list of assets available for programming into your playout channel. It is located below the Timeline, to the left.


Within the panel, you’ll find several options to view your list of assets. You can sort your list of assets, filter by asset duration or by asset type, or you can apply filters from duration and type simultaneously. See also Filtering in the Asset Panel


You can also navigate your asset list by scrolling down, and selecting to view by page.


Search Feature

The search feature in the Asset Panel finds matches according to Asset Type and other metadata fields such as:

  • Title & ID
  • Keywords
  • Categories
  • Custom Attributes
  • Source ID
  • Gracenote ID
  • Title
  • Description
  • Asset ID
  • Series, Season, Episode

Be sure to refresh the asset list after making updates in the Zype Library to ensure all metadata is up to date.


You can find more information about our search capabilities here


Expanding Grouped Assets

You can expand grouped assets like playlists or program blocks to view the component assets within by selecting the expand arrow icon to the left of the asset title in the asset list.





Selecting Assets for Programming

You can grab assets from the handle to the left of the asset title to drag and drop into the Timeline. If the asset handle is shown in grey tone, this means the asset cannot be programmed, likely because it has a duration of zero.


Refreshing Assets

You’ll also see the refresh icon at the top of the Asset Panel which provides the option to trigger a manual refresh of the asset list, pulling in the most updated versions of videos and playlists from the Zype Library. See also Refreshing Assets.



Asset Details

Selecting an asset in the Asset Panel will show the asset details to the right, in the Inspector Panel. You’ll find the asset Properties and Videos (assuming the asset contains videos) in this view. See also Introduction to the Inspector Panel.




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